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The Caribbean Bonds with Weld-Crete

Uses and studies of Weld-Crete in the United States have been known and documented for years, and Weld-Crete’s reputation for superior performance has been the basis for our domestic success. Now, Larsen Products has opened a new chapter in company history with the broad acceptance of Weld-Crete worldwide as illustrated by our success in the The Caribbean Bonds with Weld-Crete

Weld-Crete Published Articles

Making Amends Plasterer Remedies Troublesome Stucco Exterior Reprinted with permission of Walls and Ceilings, August 1997. Toward the completion of the new one-story commercial building in Palo Alto, California, general contractor Ed Dreessen found himself in a troublesome situation. His plastering contractor was finishing the textured stucco exterior for the 1,400-square-foot building, and the owners Weld-Crete Published Articles

Concrete Bonding Agent Weld-Crete® by Larsen Products Used in Hong Kong Disneyland Construction

JESSUP, MD, September 21, 2011— Larsen Products is proud to announce that their concrete bonding agent, Weld-Crete®, was used as a component for construction in one of the unique attractions at Disneyland Hong Kong. The product used on the Disneyland attraction, Weld-Crete®, bonds new concrete, stucco, tile and setting beds to any structural surface, be Concrete Bonding Agent Weld-Crete<sup>®</sup> by Larsen Products Used in Hong Kong Disneyland Construction

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