Concrete Bonding Agent Weld-Crete® by Larsen Products Used in Hong Kong Disneyland Construction

JESSUP, MD, September 21, 2011— Larsen Products is proud to announce that their concrete bonding agent, Weld-Crete®, was used as a component for construction in one of the unique attractions at Disneyland Hong Kong.
The product used on the Disneyland attraction, Weld-Crete®, bonds new concrete, stucco, tile and setting beds to any structural surface, be it on the interior or exterior. Weld-Crete’s® open time lets you bond to concrete shear walls when needing a time lapse between the application of the bonding agent, the placement of reinforcement steel, placement of formwork, or the placement of concrete.

Conveniently, Weld-Crete® can be “painted on” in a single application for a wide range of time-lapses. Read Full Article

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